the 'leadership gathering'

Ubuholi Indaba



The prime objective of the indaba is to enable you to:

Re Think : Re Charge : Re Focus and Re Boot


Programme dates available upon request

Participation is limited for 9-12 people per Indaba

The personal investment, excluding flights, is £2,695

Join the Ubuholi Indaba


The Ubuholi Indaba is a 6 nights and 5 days personal leadership development retreat for small business owners who want the benefit of high impact personal and business leadership development whilst interacting with other small business owners and entrepreneurs in a unique setting, without day to day distractions.

Even at professional training and networking events in the UK there is an incredible amount of ‘white noise’ and distraction.  At the Zingela Safari and River Camp in KwaZulu Natal the distractions are minimal, the environment possibly one of the best outdoor development spaces in the world’ and the day to day pressure we normally feel in our working lives dissipates, enabling learning and development to take place in a mindful, focused and productive way on the topics and issues to hand.




The purpose of the Ubuholi Indaba is multi-fold:

  • To provide you with world class personal development: new skills, insights, ways of thinking and working - that can be applied immediately

  • To allow you, as busy professionals, to create some ‘head-space’ and decompress from day to day pressures, whilst in and learning about a unique environment: the world’s third most bio-diverse country

  • To share knowledge and expertise

  • To assist you in resolving and overcoming the challenges you are faced with at an operational or strategic level

  • To create a mutually supportive network of like-minded individuals through a unique and shared experience