Something NEW - Development Redefined

For people wanting something more immersive, that allows them to focus, without distraction, on their own development, and corporately the development of their people, we are very pleased to announce the launch of Odyssey Invictus.  A company dedicated to integrating the best of what the Odyssey Group provides with perhaps the best outdoor training room in the world, KwaZulu Natal.  Creating the opportunity to integrate personal change and learning with learning about the incredible bio-diversity and environment in South Africa.

No distractions, no miasma of information and demands – just you and your development. 

Enabling you to: Re Think, Re Charge, Re Focus and Re Boot

We provide four core programmes:

The Ubuholi Indaba (The Leadership Gathering)
Designed to support the leadership and personal development needs of Small Business Owners this is a 1 week development programme set in the heart of the South African bush

The Ukukhula Indaba (The Gathering for Growth)
A bespoke 1 week development experience for SME’s wanting something unique, powerful and engaging to support their talent, leadership, management and graduate populations

The Iqembu Indaba (The Group Gathering)
A 1 week knowledge sharing, problem solving and networking retreat for professional groups such as HR Directors who want the freedom and head-space to focus on their business needs and personal challenges

The Invictus Indaba (The Unconquerable Gathering)
A 10 day personal development retreat for individuals wanting to focus on their own wellbeing and growth, whilst experiencing the best of what South Africa and Zulu culture has to offer and being actively involved in a wildlife conservation initiative such as Rhino de-horning



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Kevin LawrenceOdyssey Invictus