A fundamental principal of Kevin’s since he formed the Odyssey Group in 2002, and Odyssey Invictus in 2017 has been that his companies should actively give something back to both the local and global societies they are part of, and not just financially.

Between 2003 and 2010 the Odyssey Group was an active supporter of:
The Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Society (now known as ‘Shine’) and Neuroblastoma UK

In addition, between 2010 and 2014 they were actively involved in financially supporting, managing and running local fundraising auctions and dinners in aid of St Wilfrid’s Hospice


Since 2015 Kevin has been running the Invictus programme for disadvantaged young adults in the UK, providing them with the opportunity of a year-long personal development programme - the centre piece of which is a 16 day personal development and learning expedition to KwaZulu Natal.  
Since the programme was launched, 2 groups have participated: one from the Home Group and one from the Salvation Army Housing Association through their membership of the UK’s Foyer Federation..


During the Invictus expeditions we have:

Funded and built an education centre for rural school children on the banks of the Pongola River at the Pongola River Company camp.  The purpose of this centre is to help educate rural villagers on how to more effectively and sustainably look after and manage the natural resources they depend for food and fresh water.   This was opened in March 2015 by Nkosi Gumedi and his son.

Sponsored the first ever Spotted Hyena collaring and tracking project in conjunction with Wild Tomorrow Fund to help better understand the critical role played by these apex predators.


Funded and delivered critical learning resources for geography, maths and sport to the Ntokozo primary school near the Zingela River and Safari Camp on the Tugela river, more recently we have built and stocked a new library for the school.  This is an ongoing initiative and 2 expedition participants, Micheal Chohan and Chloe Sergi, have raised a further £1000 between them for additional resources.  Sponsorship of the school is ongoing.



In 2017 Kevin entered a team (the Mud Islanders) in the Put Foot Rally across 6 Southern African nations to raise money for conservation and footwear for rural school children.  They were very pleased to have raise over £5000 for these great causes and were the top fundraisers. 

Most recently Kevin has personally supported the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of a group of Ram Impala that were due to be culled.  They are now being rehabilitated and will be homed on the newly ‘re-wilded’ conservancy of Ukuwela, owned by Wild Tomorrow Fund.

We're also incredibly pleased that we've been able to help re-home 6 Giraffe to Ukuwela earlier in 2018.   

Our commitment to disadvantaged young adults in the UK, rural school children in South Africa and wildlife and habitat conservation in KwaZulu Natal is ongoing.  20% of all Odyssey Invictus profits will go to further support these worthwhile causes, and, making a fundamental and positive difference to the world in which we live.

Going forward, in addition to the financial commitment we have made, we will be running a joint venture with Africa Wild Trails, the company that supports our Indabas.  That venture is the ‘Conservation Rally’ and has the ambition of raising £50,000 per annum in support of wildlife and habitat conservation, as well as support for rural schools in South Africa.