The main camp at Zingela, next to the Tugela River

The main camp at Zingela, next to the Tugela River

Staying Safe in the Bush

Wherever you travel there are risks and your health and safety is of paramount importance to us. We do everything necessary to help ensure you have a safe and fantastic experience on our indabas.   

Especially when going to camps in locations such as the South African bushveld, our awareness of risk is often heightened.  We will ensure you are fully aware of what you need to know, and do, to stay safe.

Just some of the processes we have in place in conjunction with our lead partner (Africa Wild Trails) to ensure your safety and well-being are:

  • Pre travel questionnaires so we can be prepared 'just in case' or to help us accommodate any specific needs you or your people might have

  • Strict policies for movement in and around the locations we use

  • Nominated key personnel and leaders for different types of activity

  • General and specific safety briefings on a daily and activity basis

  • Expert and qualified guides for all activities in the bush or on the river (as applicable)

  • Emergency evacuation procedures should someone need urgent medical attention

  • Advice on clothing and personal care

  • The option for an on-site paramedic if anyone has requirements we need to support them with, or just for 'peace of mind'

  • Rigidly enforced safe driving rules

  • Trained first-aiders on-site

  • All suppliers in South Africa are checked and double-checked. We have been working without incident with them for many years either directly, or indirectly through Africa Wild Trails.

Our lead partner for the indabas, Africa Wild Trails, in conjunction with ourselves maintains a fully up-to-date risk register for all that we do in South Africa and has the highest level of clearance and accreditation with the UK's National Cadet Force for overseas expeditions.

Anyone acting in a way that puts others or themselves at risk (that we are unable to resolve immediately) is taken to the nearest airport and removed from our programmes.  This is not optional, regardless of seniority.